Asha Stuart’s Film about Siddis

AIA is excited to share this link to Asha Stuart’s film about the Siddis that was featured by National Geographic.  Ramnath Siddi (pictured above with AIA Founder Pash Obeng) narrates the film and shares some of his personal experiences and what life is like in general for the Siddi people. “In the dense forests … More Asha Stuart’s Film about Siddis

Siddi Quilts at The Davis Museum in Wellesley

We are thrilled that beautiful Siddi Quilts are currently displayed at The Davis Museum and Cultural Center at Wellesley College. Here’s how this wonderful opportunity was advertised in The Wellesley Townsman: “The Siddis of Karnataka are the descendants of early African immigrants to South Asia and enslaved Africans brought to India’s west coast from the … More Siddi Quilts at The Davis Museum in Wellesley

The Construction of the New Hall in Mainalli (March 2018)

Pash took the following photos of the new hall that is located next to the Convent of The Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in Mainalli.  This hall will house some of the students who are being supported by AIA as well as provide good meeting spaces for people in the wider village to … More The Construction of the New Hall in Mainalli (March 2018)

AIA Gift Fair

During December 2017 AIA hosted an Alternative Gift Fair at the WHCC. We sold attractive photo cards that would purchase education for the Siddi students in the villages in India. There were different card value amounts that would cover the cost of various educational levels. Most cards bought will cover the cost of books, school … More AIA Gift Fair

Summer 2017

The following images are from the Summer of 2017.  Darlene, Shivani, Rebecca, Katie, Fiona, and Stephen worked with the Siddis on various projects and initiatives.